Flat iron straightening guides for beginners

Chi hair straightening:

The Chi straightening system has garnered good reviews among the hair-straightening community. In fact, Chi straightening has dedicated followers who don’t prefer any other types of hair straightening. The Chi hair straightening system as such uses a combination of ceramic heat, negative ions and special Chi silk serum made of pure silk and pearls. So far, everyone has found it harmless and a hassle-free way to easily tame wild curls. It originated in Japan, so no wonder why Japanese have silky soft straight hair without any tangles.
Moist heat with negative ions:
The technology of Chi straightening helps to permanently make hair softer and silkier. If you have frizzy, wavy hair that is not easily tamable, then here are some facts about Chi straightening that can guide you in the right path. You can buy a Chi hair straightener from any store. It has ceramic plates that emit negative ions to seal the hair permanently. Also, it gives out moist heat that work equally well on both dry and wet hair.

Chi hair straightening system:

Apart from the Chi straightener, there are beauticians who specialize in Chi straightening system. Trained beauticians normally do the process of straightening using Chi products. So, if you need some permanent makeover for your hair, you can think of going for a Chi straightening system. However, if your hair is already pretreated with relaxers like calcium or sodium hydroxide, then you can’t use Chi products, especially the Chi straightening system.
Chi softening and Chi straightening are sometimes used interchangeably. But, both leads to better hair management without curls and frizz. The result of Chi straightener system is almost permanent. But, curly hair tend to coil back after a few shampoo bath, but the treatment can leave your hair soft and smooth. Also, if you have excessive hair re-growth, then you have to straighten your hair almost every month.

Almost all types of hair can be treated using Chi straightening system. However, if you have too much of curls like African-American hair that is too fragile, then it is better to avoid Chi straightening.

Process involved in Chi straightening:

The process of Chi straightening involves washing, conditioning, blow drying of hair, application of Chi silk, rinsing and conditioning, blow-drying it again, application of Chi products for straightening, then final rinsing and conditioning, and followed by blow-drying.
If your hair has excessive build up of minerals, then it is better to undergo a de-mineralizing treatment before taking up Chi straightening, as your hair would then become more receptive to Chi products. In the same way, if your hair was pre-treated using any Thio base like sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide, then you can’t use Chi straightening on your hair.

Better to use Chi hair-care products after a treatment:

After you straighten your hair using Chi straightening system, you need to wait for a minimum of 48 hrs before you can shampoo your hair and use it normally. Also, some beauticians recommend using only Chi hair-care products for washing hair after the straightening process. This is because Chi products are specifically designed to make hair straighter and softer. So, it is better to avoid using other hair-care products if you want your hair to be silkier and smoother.